LinkedIn Ninja 3rd Fridays - ONLY $27!

Monthly, Live, Interactive LinkedIn Training Sessions. 
Get the questions you have answered NOW!
Get the demos you need demonstrated NOW!
Attend virtually from anywhere in the world.
Beginners to almost LinkedIn ninjas welcome.



Ask questions as we go along; no waiting until the "end of the webinar." Live demonstrations of how to do what you need to know. Recording to go back and review what you learned.

Attendee Driven

Attendees submit their biggest questions ahead of time. Those questions drive the content. You're guaranteed to get your biggest question answered so you can take action immediately.

Cost Effective

Yes...$25! Don't let the price fool you. This is 2 hours packed with info and training; so much so your brain may explode! The best training at this price point you'll ever find!

Real LinkedIn Training for Real People

Expert LinkedIn training should be accessible to all.

LinkedIn Ninja 3rd Fridays

Do you ever wish that you could just get some questions about LinkedIn answered? Or a quick tutorial? That you didn't have to sit through a long training program just to try and find one or two nuggets of information you need right now? That you could receive practical strategic advice about what really works and doesn't work in LinkedIn?

Then you need LinkedIn Ninja 3rd Fridays!

LinkedIn Ninja 3rd Fridays are monthly dynamic training sessions that happen the mornings of the 3rd Friday every month. The content of these sessions is driven by the questions and chosen topics of the attendees. I teach what you want to learn! 

No question is too basic.

These sessions are for EVERY level - Beginner to Advanced

Take the information you need right now, implement it over the next four weeks and come back for what you need next. Because the questions will be different, every session will be different. Better yet, you're GUARANTEED to get the answer to your most pressing question

3rd Fridays happen EVERY 3rd Friday and are held virtually via Zoom - you can attend in your fuzzy bunny slippers if you'd like!

I've booked 2 hours (9:45 a.m. to noon Eastern), but will last as long as there are questions until noon (if you don't have questions, no sense wasting time!).

Space is limited. There currently are only 100 seats available.

2020 Dates
June 19, 2020 --  July 17, 2020 --  August 21, 2020 -- September 18, 2020 -- October 16, 2020 -- November 20, 2020  --  NO December 2020 3rd Friday

Attend the next 3rd Friday

Space is limited, so register as soon as possible.

The Next 3rd Friday Is... JULY 17, 2020

To guarantee you get your question answered, you must be registered and submit your question by noon the Thursday before the 3rd Friday.









"I am a total novice at using LinkedIn, and I found Crystal Thies’s 3rd Friday workshop to be most helpful! I gained so much about content strategies for LinkedIn! Crystal is extremely knowledgeable in her field, and to be able to tap into her knowledge at this price point is amazing!"

Amy Elberfeld
Independent Stylist with NYGARD Style Direct Fashions

"This was my first time attending the 3rd Friday event. I am glad I did! The questions I submitted in advance were addressed and explained during the class. I learned a lot in a very short amount of time. I plan on attending virtually again in the future. Thanks Crystal for offering these trainings."

Sheila Davis
Business Development Manager for Visual Marking Systems

"Crystal is an excellent LinkedIn guide. The 3rd Friday seminar was fast moving and packed with lots of useful information. I never fully realized how commenting on and sharing the posts of advisors in my network could help me build stronger relationships. Highly recommended!"

Mark Elzweig
Mark Elzweig Company, LTD

"As someone starting up a new business venture the class came at the right time! Coming out of a long established career in a totally different industry, it became obvious during the class that I had to do a step-change on how I marketed myself. I immediately changed my profile and have begun to see results, almost instantaneously. Crystal shares really good tips and advice that you can put into motion immediately. She has a great teaching style and very personable. Would highly recommend it to anyone looking to build and/or improve their LinkedIn skills!"

Lisa Maines
National Account Manager with Experient

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