Your One-Stop Solution to Success with LinkedIn

Know what the #1 thing is that separates those who are successful with LinkedIn compared to those who aren't?...IMPLEMENTATION!

Training alone will not make you successful with LinkedIn. You must IMPLEMENT the training. The LinkedIn Ninja Dojo is a combination of training, systems, and community for those wanting to successfully USE LinkedIn for sales and business development.

The Dojo includes 3 HOURS per month of live training, an ever-growing library of on-demand training content, and an interactive community where you can get help directly from The LinkedIn Ninja and other ninjas in training all month long.

Dojo members are committed to action; not just learning. Daily application of the strategies and tactics shared in the Dojo when added to solid sales and relationship skills will produce opportunities to exponentially grow your revenue.

The LinkedIn Ninja focuses on leveraging relationships and information to help you identify, get visible to, and connect to your perfect prospects so that your LinkedIn activity and sales efforts are targeted only on those who will generate results. 



What is a "Dojo"?

A school or practice hall where karate, judo, or other martial arts are taught.

Or in our usage of the term... The digital space where the LinkedIn Ninja teaches her students how to use LinkedIn successfully.

Only $57 per month. Cancel anytime.

Your Membership Gives You:

Direct access to The LinkedIn Ninja herself!

Monthly Live Training

Attend the monthly Ask the LinkedIn Ninja training  to get your questions answered and stay up-to-date on LinkedIn's changes.

Monthly Hot Seat Coaching

Not sure if your strategy is right? Not getting the results you'd like? The LinkedIn Ninja will help you refine it.

On-Demand Training Materials

An ever-growing library of training materials: lead gen templates, turn-key systems, training videos, guides, tips, etc. 

Private LinkedIn Group

You don't have to wait for Ask the LinkedIn Ninja or Hot Seat Coaching. Ask questions any time and get help from the community!

"If you want to get extensive training by 'the best of the best' on strategies on LinkedIn to gain more clients, I would join Crystal Thies' training. She has been my top go-to for LinkedIn for years! Don't miss out. P.S. I get 'no' $$$ from recommending her, she is just that awesome!"

Scott Marker
Referral Expert, Network in Action Franchise Owner

"When I wanted to learn how to use LinkedIn more effectively, I interviewed four LinkedIn coaches. Crystal was the one I chose. She communicates things in an easy-to-understand manner, which I appreciate, and I'm in touch with her at least 3 times per month. This keeps me informed on the tricks/tips and the changes in this powerful tool. Crystal provides the framework and the steps to use the tool every day, and I have experienced outstanding results from her wisdom. Thanks to her and her process, I'm happy to say I finally know how to make money using LinkedIn: by helping people get what they want. If you want to maximize the power of LinkedIn for you and your business, Crystal can show you how. After all, she is known as the LinkedIn Ninja for a reason!"

Lewis Kaplan
Commercial Real Estate Broker for DK Realty Partners, LLC

"I was a total beginner, a newbie when it came to knowing how to use and navigate LinkedIn. The only reason I ever used it in the past, was for finding a new job. However, through your NINJA Training Course, I have learned how to now use LinkedIn as a great lead generation tool! I would highly recommend your services to anyone who’s interested in lead generation, and staying connected to important business contacts. "

Karl Sundstrom
Director of Sales, NobelBiz® | Contact Center Technology

"LinkedIn is a powerful tool, and I always wanted to use it more effectively but I wasn’t exactly sure how to do so. Then, I met Crystal and enrolled in her LinkedIn Ninja Dojo program, and I am happy to say how I approach LinkedIn will never be the same. She and her program have helped me understand things like how to build a powerful profile to how to build a strong network. She provides the framework and the steps to effectively use the tool every day, and I have experienced tangible results from her wisdom. If you want to maximize the power of LinkedIn for you and your business, Crystal can show you how. After all, she is known as the LinkedIn Ninja for a reason!"

Wendy Jacobson
Content Writer for Wendy the Pooh Communications

"Crystal is an excellent LinkedIn guide. Her training is fast moving and packed with lots of useful information. I never fully realized how commenting on and sharing the posts of advisors in my network could help me build stronger relationships. Highly recommended!"

Mark Elzweig
Mark Elzweig Company, LTD

Crystal Thies a.k.a. The LinkedIn Ninja

Crystal Thies has been known as The LinkedIn Ninja since 2010 when her clients and followers gave her the title. The title represents her approach to leveraging the power of LinkedIn for sales and business development and matches the LinkedIn Ninja motto of Precision, Efficiency, Effectiveness. She helps people turn their time spent on LinkedIn into an investment and not a waste.

Her company works with businesses, sales teams, and individuals to provide training,  create custom, organic LinkedIn lead generation systems (a.k.a LinkedIn Treasure Maps), as well as implementation of concierge LinkedIn lead generation services that help clients get visible to, connected to, and opening a conversation with their perfect prospects.

 Crystal also specializes in the highly regulated industry of financial services and is the co-author of the first-ever book on social media for financial advisors (The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors: How to Use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to Build and Grow Your Business) published by Bloomberg Press in 2012.

Full list of benefits:

As a Member you have access to:

  • 3 HOURS of LIVE training every month: Ask the LinkedIn Ninja Training Sessions and Members-Only Hot Seat Coaching (Value: $3600)
  • a Library of on-demand LinkedIn training webinars, past Ask the LinkedIn Ninja recordings, free guides and templates, and more stuff added every month! (Value: $1500)
    • Quick Start: Build Your LinkedIn Foundation
    • Build a LinkedIn Ninja Profile Intensive (5+ hours)
    • Cultivating Relationships When You Can't See Eye-to-Eye
    • And many more!
  • the LInkedIn Ninja Treasure Map Template - the same Lead Generation System that I use for my clients. (Value: $3000)
  • the Baby Steps System if the full system and companion video training . (Value: $300)
  • the private, Members Only LinkedIn Group to ask questions any time. (Value $500)
  • The LinkedIn Ninja herself! (Value: Priceless!)
  • deep discount rate to get 1:1 coaching/strategy sessions with me (normally $297/hr. members rate $157/hr.)

All of this for only $57/month. Cancel anytime.


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