LinkedIn Changes News Feed to Give Average Users More Love

Oct 25, 2018

LinkedIn wants to give "Average" members some love. 💝 Really!

There's a new update to the news feed algorithm that focuses on trying to get regular people posts (vs. Influencers) more visibility, likes and comments.

Of course, they share this great news in the Engineering Blog where almost no one but us geeks see it.

They want to put more of your "good" content in front of more of your connections so that they can give you feedback on it to give you some dopamine and encourage you to come back and post again.

The hard part is the "good." They've used significant interaction (likes, comments, shares), to determine if something is "good" in the past. If something hasn't gotten any engagement, how do they know if it's "good" or not?

Another article from earlier this summer discusses how they're integrating Microsoft's Content Moderator to help do that. Yes, it's A.I. and it's hard to trust it knows what's "good." Supposedly, when using it in addition to LinkedIn's own Universal Content Filtering system, it should produce more relevant results.

They are trying to battle "Like Bait" with the system.

An interesting point is that they are actively decreasing the exposure of Influencers to make space for Average people's content.

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