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Success in 15-20
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You don't have to be a ninja to have success on LinkedIn. Consistently implementing some key tactics will bring the success you need so that you want to do more with it. Like weight loss, people need to see progress to stay motivated. This simple system will help you take action, create a habit, and show you success to keep going.

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Get In, Get Out

Once you know the system, you can jump in and quickly implement the most important tactics to get you visible to, connected to, and opening conversations on LinkedIn.

Avoid the Rabbit Hole

A system that will help you stay on task and help keep you from getting sucked into the rabbit holes. LinkedIn does not have to be a waste of time.

Small Wins = Big Results

Daily, strategic activity turns into a snowball over time. This system provides a foundation to build on for when you're ready to amp it up and add on more Ninja tactics.


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